Bias Incident Report Form

Kenyon College should be a campus free of invidious discrimination and hateful acts that detract from our ability to study and learn. If you have experienced or seen a bias incident on campus, you are encouraged to report it to someone. The college's Discrimination Advisors are available to confidentially discuss any situation and to advise on available options on how to proceed.

This form is an additional way to report a bias incident. You may submit reports anonymously or leave your contact information. It will be reviewed by the Director of Equal Opportunity who will determine what further action to take. Personal information will be kept confidential except where necessary to prevent future harm.

NOTE: Bias incidents are actions (spoken or otherwise) that maliciously target people because of their race, color, religion, national origin, disabilities, age, sex, gender or sexual orientation. They are actions that go beyond free speech and open discussion. More information about college policy and applicable laws is available on the The Office of Equal Opportunity's web site.

Thank you for your assistance!

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